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what is my style?

I've always enjoyed photography. Especially after my oldest daughter was born. I had to go out and buy a digital point and shoot camera so I could capture every second of her life. After my triplets were born, I had to toss that SLOW point and shoot and convince my wife that we needed a better and FASTER camera in order to keep up with them.

I started off as a children and family photographer. I will always enjoy children photography because it is fun trying to keep up with the children and acting like a goofball. However, HS senior photography is my thing. I enjoy talking with seniors and getting to know who they are, their interests and what they want to do with their lives. There are so many ideas that I want to do when it comes to senior photography and the post processing that goes with it. Senior photography allows me to release my creativity.

I don't have a studio with fake tree backgrounds and the matching props to go with it. I shoot on location at anyplace you want. I like junkyards, railroad tracks, downtown buildings, abandoned warehouses, creeks, open fields and outdoor malls. I won't pose you in awkward positions showing off your class ring behind a cardboard cutout of your graduation year. You will be treated like a super model posing for your favorite magazine, a recording artist posing for your new album cover, or an athlete posing for your endorsements. Whatever you want to be, I will treat you that way.

From the beginning, your photo shoot will be flowing with creativity. Depending on the type of session you invest in, you will have at least 25 poses to choose from. Each one should portray YOU. It has to tell everybody who YOU are. I will not lock you down to just 2 outfits. You can BRING THE CLOSET if you want to. This is YOUR senior year. I know ten years from now you will want to look at your photos and remember everything about your senior year.

If you want a fun photo senior photo shoot and you want your senior portraits to prove it, contact me today!


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